CRM Implementation & Review

Has it been awhile since your CRM package was given a checkup?  Over a period of years it is very easy to let your CRM database get cluttered with "dirty" data.

Here at Facilitated Software Solutions We consult with you regarding cleanup, new focus and rebuilding.

We have been helping companies implement and maximize their ROI from Customer Relationship Management systems since the late 1980's.

We specialize in Salesforce, and Hubspot implementations.

Marketing Software

Is your company connecting the dots between your web pages, social media, blog posts and your CRM?

Are you keeping the lines of communication between Marketing and Sales open?

Without these connections and lines of communication you may be wasting time, effort and a great deal of money.

Current technologies have introduced us to new avenues to develop  leads, providing prospects a personalized educational journey turning  a prospect into an educated and qualified sales lead.

What worked in the marketing world before 2015 seldom works well in today's fast paced world of social interaction.

ERP Implementation & Review

Without an effective and integrated ERP system, you may not be able to measure the financial success of your marketing efforts,  much less your company's performance overall.

Process automation using workflows and alerts was once available only with very expensive packages. Now it is available for virtually any database or combination of databases.  Virtually any "accounting" package.

Business analytics and analysis tools with fully featured dashboards are also readily available to connect to virtually any database(s) or most accounting packages.

We are certified on Sage 300 ERP but have tools for many applications



Why Us?

We have unique skill sets and having the advantage of a long history of successful projects. We are honest, thorough and very experienced and stay on top of our certifications.

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Next Steps...

Let's review your perfect CRM and ERP world and start moving towards that goal as a facilitated team.  760-683-5611